Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an MCN?

No, Roostr is an open marketplace for connecting with game advertisers. While we play friendly with MCNs and welcome all creators who are affiliated with MCNs to work with Roostr, we do not operate as one. We require no exclusivity to access.

Our focus is on connecting creators to the top games while giving them complete creative control and further opportunities to grow their channels and revenue.

How do I make money with Roostr?

At the start of each campaign, we give you a link to share with your audiences that lets them directly download the games you promote. You can incorporate this link in any way you’d like within your content and across your social media channels. You get paid a pre-determined set amount for every install you drive from this link shared across any of your social channels.

Why would I want to get paid on a performance basis when I normally get paid a flat amount to make videos?

Great question - let us give you an honest answer. Mobile game user acquisition budgets have never been larger or more important than right now - there is 17 billion dollars up for grabs. Mobile success is driven by one major need - installs. In order to offer the largest possible campaign budgets to creators, game advertisers need the ability to track the performance of those campaigns in order to spend more money.

There’s good news! Performance across engaged channels is very high and you are likely to make more per video than ever before.

Which games will I get to produce content for?

We are adding top games to the platform every day. For a current list of games available, please contact us at

Am I limited to one campaign at a time?

No! We want you to create as much content as you’d like, free of any restrictions. Sign up for multiple offers for games that fit your target audience and game preferences.