Frequently Asked Questions

Which content creators will I have access to?

We carefully select creators who have a combination of experience in mobile and PC gaming content production, strong built-in audiences, and a share passion for the games we love to play. We think they rock and you will too.

How much does it cost to run a campaign on Roostr?

Campaign budgets are determined upfront. Once your total spend is determined, you set your performance metrics and submit your offer to the marketplace. Once campaigns are live, you pay (and only pay) for every install driven from the creators’ content produced.

Can I work with multiple creators at once?

Absolutely. Our goal is to scale your install needs across a spectrum of content creators with the ability to drive a high volume of downloads from the very start of your campaign.

Can I run multiple campaigns (more than one game at a time) on Roostr?

Yes. Think of Roostr as a new Ad Network you are leveraging for engaged traffic but one built on rich native video content created exclusively for your game. Our approach makes it just as easy to launch and track multiple campaigns simultaneously as it is to track a single campaign..